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Kika Terremoto DJ




Kika Terremoto, has been one of the worlds most undisputed electronic dance music musicians and a queen of the turntables for years and was the very first woman DJ in Sardegna (Italy)! Kika has infiltrated the music industry with her arsenal of talent. She has established herself as a versitile, singer, songwriter, model, and DJ, aswell as being signed to multiple labels around the globe. Kika developed her creative direction as a full-fledged producer, and remains to be the recording artist and DJ that everyone has come to love and love dance to! She is also a well respected piano player, amongst many other talents! Kika has dominated such genres as house, progressive house, deep house, electro and trance. However, her love for music has taken her through many reflections of genres and musical experiences. Ultimately, millions in a global capacity have embraced her and her music.After waiting several years to be able to record (not re-mix) the single, "Let the Children Play - 2009", Kika was finally able to step into the studio to revive the track. Originally, this single was released on 3DSOLAR/T RON ME. In Summer 2010 the long awaited release of "Let the Children Play Remix" launched! A new music video also accompanied the release. The video captures the ever glamorous and beautiful Kika Terremoto, it is as if she is ageless. Her voice is equally preserved and this is evident in the newly recorded vocals heard on the track. "Let the Bass Kick", became known to us as one of the hardstyle anthems of the decade! She has went on to record hits such as Beautiful Life, Deep Goodbye, Alive, Bass Alert, Everybody In The Universe, Party Party, I LoveT he Way You Are, T he Smile of T he Children Can Warm Up The World, Stop Playing With My Mind, Control Rise, and her new chart topping dance floor trance anthem "Closer".Over the course of Kika's career she has collaborated and worked with many talented and influential professionals. Such talents consist of , Ross Hilliard, LIEUTENANT GREY, Arto Sahakyan, DJ Siki, and Paul Pritchard, to name just a few. Kika has created music scores, composed music, and makes custom designs of musical pieces to fit the specific needs of any project. Examples of her portfolio are evident in her work. Multi-talented, accomplished, ambitious, and driven by her passion to create and her love for music, Kika Terremoto is not a name from music's past, it is the name of music now and an inspiration to music's future.

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